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Applying for a loan does not have to be difficult. Once you have made the decision to purchase or refinance your Prime 1 Estates Mortgage Specialist will guide you through with every step. Below we have outlined mortgage loan process and refinance guide.

Mortgage Loan Process

Get Pre-Qualified

Have an idea how much you can afford.

Find your desired home

Look for houses and enter a contract.

Apply for your loan

Call your mortgage broker or bank and decide whether to go with the fixed/adjustable rate or if you will pay any points.

Get approved

Mortgage Specialist will review your qualification, evaluate your credit and perform title search.

Close your new loan

Work with your lender to finalize your loan and review all charges you are expected to pay at closing.

Refinance Guide

Weight Pros and Cons

Consider to pay more in fees in exchange for a lower rate, extend or reduce your mortgage term, weigh carefully to take cash out…

Price your home

Know what your home is worth. Your lender will request an appraisal to know what your house is worth. Check sold comps and active listings in your neighborhood. Contact Prime 1 about pricing your home.

Gather All Your Documents

Prepare and organize your documentation. Your mortgage lender will request pay stubs, W-2s, tax returns, and bank statements.

Shop several lenders

Shop for a mortgage and make sure you get quotes from multiple lenders. Advantage working with Prime 1 Estates is we have access to multiple lenders. We can shop and compare mortgage rates for you.

Ask About All Fees

Understand all the fees and charges you need to pay to refinance. Review the documents prior you’re expected to sign.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provides documentation (tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.)
  • Signs loan documents
  • Provides funds needed to close

Mortgage Loan Originator

  • Works with the borrower to determines proper loan program
  • Provides loan estimate and fees
  • Communicates loan processor and underwriter
  • Locks in interest rate
  • Assists borrower with the loan application


  • Collects documentation
  • Preps and organize documentation for Underwriter


  • Reviews borrowers credit and their capacity to repay the loan
  • Determines the risk of offering a mortgage loan
  • Issues loan decision

Appraisal Review

  • Determines the value of the property


  • Prepares and verifies closing documents
  • Coordinates closing process and ensures all terms are met

Closing Agent

  • Schedules the loan closing to sing bunch of documents and complete your purchase or refinance
  • Prorate costs such as property taxes, Insurance, loan interest, and rents, if applicable
  • Informs borrower funds needed to close
  • Transfer and record deed